So let us laugh without waiting to feel happy

What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter yoga is a combination of laughter exercises and yoga deep breathing techniques.

Laughter yoga is a fast, effective, guaranteed, simple and powerful tool for promotion of good health and sense of happiness.

Laughter yoga is an art of laughing and science of laughing.


Arturs Laimigais, Laughter Yoga teacher

Having trained as a laughter yoga teacher in India, Arturs Ivanovs is on a mission to bring its practice and benefits to the West. Following his mentorship from the founder of the global laughter yoga movement founder Doctor Madan Kataria, Arturs has held hundreds of laughter yoga sessions in his native Latvia and beyond. He also holds masters qualifications in psychology and law, and is a qualified lawyer and life coach.

Laughter yoga is the practice of sustained voluntary laughter, centred on the belief that it has the same mind and body benefits as spontaneous laughter.