Laughter Yoga Class

What we are going to do?

In this one hour session, we will immerse ourselves into play and laughter with laughter yoga exercises.

If you are new to laughter yoga, you will find this as an easy and gentle introduction into laughter yoga. This is a closed, intimate space where we will explore play and playful in a more relaxed environment.

No prior experience is required, just willingness to participate and play!

Laughter yoga is an active form of exercise with lots of play and playfulness. Laughter comes easily and effortless through play, being playful. We work with psychology of laughter and put into practice the techniques that generate laughter. Laughter yoga session isn’t a comedy, nor aims to be funny, as we are being ourselves and explore unconditional play and laughter.


What are the benefits of laughter yoga?

LY is incredibly good for your health and wellbeing, it is:

  • a fast, effective, guaranteed, powerful and easy way to lift your mood, relax your mind and boost immune system. 
  • an excellent aerobic exercise, which oxygenate all the body cells, tissues, organs and makes you feel energised and happy.

*To enjoy these health benefits of laughter yoga you need to laugh for at least 10 minutes. When you experience natural laughter it lasts for just a short period around 5 to 7 seconds. This is not enough to get the health benefits. That is the reason why you need to initiate laughter with laughter yoga exercises!

Laughter and play helps to: 

  • bring back the joy and happiness 6
  • relax mentally and physically 
  • reduce stress 
  • Improve pain tolerance 
  • relate to yourself and others in a playful way 
  • helps with self acceptance & self love 
  • eases anxiety and depression 
  • improves social and communication skills 
  • improves emotional resilience & listening 
  • helps you to be joyful & present 
  • helps you to accept the moment now 
  • the more you laugh, the more you can laugh – the easier you can laugh, it gets easier to help others to laugh in fact, research shows that good humor and laughter may: 
  • Buffer you against depression 
  • Reduce stress and the impact of stress on the body 
  • Improve self-esteem 
  • Reduce loneliness and increase bonding with others 
  • Improve quality of life, even for people coping with cancer or chronic disease 
  • Increase immunity—your body’s ability to fight infection